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(Babies into Books is our program for ages 0-2)

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Now you can recreate the magic of BiBs from the comfort of your own home. Choose songs and activities from the menu on the right to build your own perfect BiBs session. 

Fungi, Funghi or Fanga

However you spell it. It's FUN.
We start all of our children's programs with Fungi. Fungi is a traditional welcome song in the African language Yoruba. Loosely translated the words mean:

Fungi Alafia - Hello or welcome. Be at peace. 
Ashe - So be it. Let it be so. 

The song was sung in villages to welcome visitors and at the library we continue to do the same. 

The actions mean:

Arms over head making a peaked roof - You are welcome in this (my) place.

Arms wrapped around oneself like a hug - I welcome you with my heart and I am happy to see you. 

Arms spread wide - There is nothing here to trick or hurt you.

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