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Sharing stories every day helps your child’s development in lots of ways.

Reading and sharing stories can:

Help your baby to get to know sounds, words and language, and develop key early literacy skills;
Learn to love books and stories;
Spark your babies imagination and stimulate their natural curiosity;
Help your babies brain, social skills and communication skills develop

Sharing stories with your child doesn’t mean you have to read

Just by looking at books with your baby, you can be a great storyteller and a good role model for using language and books. Your baby will learn by watching you hold a book the right way and seeing how you move through the book by gently turning the pages.

Reading stories with children has benefits for us too. The time you spend reading together promotes bonding and helps to build your love and trust.

Little Turtle by Roger Priddy

Under the Sea by Emily Bolam

The Going to Bed Book

Whose Baby? by Jeanette Rowe

Hey Wake Up! by Sandra Boynton

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